Memento | Interactive visual and sound installation

memento image

Memento is a sound universe, a mixture of letters written between Brazil, Spain and France. Sounds and texts read by voices with Brazilian, French and Hispanic accents intertwine according to the movements of the spectators in the room, in front of a panoramic projection of abstract images.

memento image

This work illustrates the intimacy of epistolary relations, their slowness and their imagination in relation to the immediate communication systems. The letter is an exchange but also a meditation that speaks as much to its recipient as to its author.

The purpose of the Memento installation is a questioning of memory and the place of memories in our present lives in the age of digital civilization. The random appearances of texts and images want to illustrate the chance of communication, a mixture of anxiety and poetry.

Diffusion :
Artistic residence, OUDEIS, Le Vigan, august 2010.
Exhibition at Château d’Assas, Le Vigan, september 2010.
Award “Aide à  la création”, Région Languedoc-Roussillon, 2010.