33945 days

33945 days | Multimedia Interactive Installation

33945 days is the temporal distance between a 2 years old girl and the same person 93 years later, at the dawn of his death. A bird in a cage, filmed by a camera linked to a computer, interacts by its movements on the flow of projected images of these two people.

This Installation is a reflection on the end of life, and questions the linear idea of time: A combination of present, past and future. The bird, symbol of life and renewal, then rhythms the 33945 days of an ending existence.

The videos projected simultaneously on the main screen are divided into three themes: The family album, the person at the end of his life, and his daily environment. The movements of the bird cause the images to mix.


Exhibitions :
Festival Montpellier Quartiers Libres, Crypte Notre Dame, 2006.
Festival Cinémaginaire, Argelès-sur-mer, may 2007.
Festival Digitalis, Florac, théâtre la Genette Verte, october 2007.
Festival Les Bouillants #3, Rennes, 2011